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"I just can't imagine the effort you must put into researching and compiling the history you present." -- T.W.

"The story of our Acadian history begs to be told. Do you know Stephen Spielberg? I don't either! What a movie it would make." -- G.A.M., Chelmsford, Massachusetts.

"Very impressed with the scope and depth of information you provide. Informative, instructive and immensely entertaining." -- I.C., Gibraltar.

"Yours is perhaps one of the most useful and informative books that I have yet to find. I am an amateur military historian and French and Indian (Seven Years War) re-enactor. I have an intense interest in early French-Canadian history." -- J.J.M., Crown Point, N.Y.

"The whole period of N.S. history from 1605 that climaxed in the 1749-63 period is a fascinating one that too few have come to know in any detail. Your own efforts may assist to overcome that." -- R.B., Dalhousie University.

"Great stuff!!!" -- I. de R., Neuilly sur Seine, 92 France.

"What an extraordinary accomplishment. What scholarship! What a capacity for digging and organization and determination you have. Astonishing." -- G.D.

"It's gratifying to find reading material that activates the pleasure centres that good writing provides." -- D.T., West Vancouver, BC.

"I am a member of the Fortress of Louisbourg Volunteer Militia who operate out of that site. May I say how much I appreciate your time and effort spent in bringing forth the wealth of history that saturates our province. I've long groaned that our history in the province has been lying stagnant in books buried in vaults somewhere." -- D.M.

"Thank you for the wonderful information. I have been a lifelong student of Deerfield history and have been fascinated by the Feb. 29, 1704 attack on the settlement." -- J.F.C., Lee, Massachusetts.

"What a wonderful service you provide for all of us genealogists! Thank you very much." -- J.B.

"I am a direct descendant of Antoine de La Boularderie [of Louisbourg]. You have done a wonderful work in compiling and writing the French history of Nova Scotia." -- R. deT. S., Beaufort, South Carolina.

"I am amazed at how much detail and research you have done in this work! As a descendant of a William Johnson (Scottish soldier with Col Nicholson in 1710) who married an Acadian girl, it was interesting to read a section where a Jean Picot is dunked. One of William's daughters was involved in her sentencing!" -- P.J.

"I have most enjoyed your Nova Scotian history in researching my ancestor Silas Balcomb, a New Englander who was at the capture of Louisbourg before settling in Annapolis Royal." -- S.B.

"The story of the Acadians is so sad. ...I went to Cambridge, Massachusetts for undergraduate and graduate work, and later was a physics professor there for many years. In Boston everyone thinks there was nobody and nothing at all on this continent until 1620!" -- R.K.

"Yours is the best I have found on Nova Scotia History." -- P.R., Department of Fisheries and Oceans.

" ... brilliant and comprehensive ..." -- Y.P.

"You have done a fantastic job. Your work was so incredibly helpful to the research of my family ancestors ... You paint a vivid picture of their life and times and more. Thank you. I can't wait to tell the rest of my family about it." -- D.S.G., Milan, Italy.

"It's a joy to read. Well laid out, literate, well annotated and nicely spiked with the author's own opinions, which are conveyed with an admirable lightness of touch." -- S.R.

"I love a work that is accurate! As another Acadian descendant, I thank you for the marvelous work you have done ..." -- L.L.C.

"Your material feeds my unquenchable thirst for things Nova Scotian." -- P.T., Toronto.

"Too little information has been readily available regarding history of Acadians, including Acadian/British/Native relationships. ... Landry's work should be celebrated ..." -- R.M.

"I love your work on the first settlements of Canada." -- R. & C.

"A wonderful work on the History of Nova Scotia. It's a spectacular collection of info, particularly pertaining to little-known aspects of Acadian history, like Boishébert's guerilla war, and the Pembroke Mutiny. -- S.M., Washington, DC.

"Acadian history is fascinating, and I had long wanted to know more." -- H.G.W.B., Oklahoma State University.

"This work on the History of Nova Scotia is excellent and the information is well documented." -- A.S., Santa Barbara, Ca.

"As for this work: I'm not certain what the proper word should be ... except for incredible." -- L.d'E.

"Well organized and full of information." -- C.G.B.

"Just wanted to thank you for an excellent history of events at Louisbourg 1744-1745. One of my mother's ancestors, a Jabez Towle of Hampton, NH died there on 25 Dec. 1745. Your information on what the garrison went through that terrible winter has given me a good idea of their problems. Thank you for making history come alive." -- R.B., Greenfield, Massachusetts.

"Very interesting and well written. My husband and I are approximately 13th generation Acadians and very interested in their story." -- N. Robicheau-Thibideau.

"Comprehensive historical documentation with excellent references and broad sourcing. As a student of Louisbourg I can say that Francis Parkman and Fairfax Downey would have been proud to have this sitting on the library shelf next to their works." -- A.Z.

"I am impressed with your History of Nova Scotia. ... You have covered a lot of territory and it is so well documented. ... It is really a worthwhile reference for any one in genealogy or a lover of history." -- W.M., Bridgewater, NS.

"Best comprehensive work I have ever read on the history of Acadia." -- J.J.C., Ajax, Ontario.

"Thank you Peter for this history. I am just beginning to learn about what my ancestors and so many other unfortunate souls had to go through the deportation of 1755. I have Thibodeau and Michaud ancestors. I am originally from Millinocket, Me., but my family came from St. Francis, Me. I have so very much to learn." -- C.A.M., Winslow, Maine.

"I was a bit overwhelmed with Peter Landry's book about the Acadians. I am of Acadian ancestry through many of the old names, but mostly from the Broussards. ...
Again, I am so impressed by the depth of Landry's background as displayed in his book and all its appurtenances ... -- Prof. J.M.B., Daphne, Alabama.

"I want to thank you for your balanced and honest Summation of the Acadian Expulsions. It is maddening living in a country in which its principal federal institutions have so acquiesced to the inventions of Quebec nationalism that as a citizen who is not a Quebec nationalist, I am constantly berated for what has not been effaced of my history. Can you imagine Heritage Canada alleging that the true villains in the Expulsions were the Bourbon and Catholic officials who coerced and manipulated the Acadians into harm's way; or suggesting that the Acadians were not so many innocent victims but, indeed, gave the British some genuine cause for their eviction." -- F.W., Yellowknife, NWT.

"Your work is an excellent source on Acadian history, and the compliment is from one with history and genealogy experience. Thanks for devoting the energy, and this is just to remind you that your scholarly work has been appreciated." -- E.J.O., Louisiana.

"Thanks to Peter Landry's excellent work on Nova Scotia's history, I was able to gather a few more scraps of information of the life of one of Noble's men, who is important to my current research." -- G.R.

"Excellent. I thought the discourse on the Acadians was clear, insightful, and informative. ... I appreciated the wonderful way that the author added source footnotes and other aside commentary." -- L.W.B., Muskegon, MI.

"I'm so impressed with Peter Landry's history of the Acadians; it is outstanding. I suppose one could probably think me such a fool, I read the story of the expulsion from Grand Pre with tears in my eyes. Poor people. I felt so sorry for them." -- L.H., Queensland, Australia.

"I`ve spent many hours over several months reading Peter Landry's work. It was of great help to me and my particular family line history that started in Switzerland. Certain of my ancestors came from that group known as the Foreign Protestants who came to Nova Scotia in 1751. I just had to write to congratulate and to thank Peter Landry for an excellent job of researching, compiling and writing the story of Nova Scotia. I`ve always been interested in history and thought I had a decent understanding of our history but I had missed much as I can now see from Landry's work. The work he must have done to put this all together is amazing." -- R.H., Chester Basin, NS.

"Just thought I'd write a line to say I have truly enjoyed reading Peter Landry's history. His explanations of the context helped me understand and remember, like no history course. Gosh, it is really interesting! Very well written!" -- H.M.

"Wow!! Your work is great. ... What a wonderful source of Acadian history. Anyways I just needed to let you know how grateful I am for your work. My ancestry is from Acadia. I have research my family genealogy back to the year 1604. I have been adding extra's to my records and came across this wonderful history that brought my ancestors here with Samuel de Champlain and Pierre du Gua." -- S.L.R.

"My name is K- R-, from Pineville Louisiana, I have been researching the origins of Jean Roy. I have been reading your beautiful work on the History of Nova Scotia and found where Jean Roy may have been a passenger on the L'Oranger." -- K.R.

"Thank you for your outstanding work. I thoroughly enjoyed it." -- W.S.

"The Lion & The Lily is exactly what I was looking for! I have developed over the years a fascination with Micmacq people after finding out that my grandfather was of that decadence! I also grew up in Musquodoboit Harbor and always wanted to know the meaning of the name, which thanks to your useful work I have found!
You have done a brilliant job with this work, it is more than easy to find the information that I seek!
In case you don't hear this enough ... Thank you for the hard word and effort that you have put into it." -- S.N.

"I have been reading your history of Nova Scotia from the blupete web site. You have done a really great job, and I thank you for that.
I was astonished at the dimensions of the Acadian deportations. I guess I had never read anything further than "Evangeline" and that sounds like a few hundred people at best. Nearly 7000!" -- D.B.S.

"I am writing a novel about a British Royal Engineer who takes part in the siege of Louisbourg in 1758. I could not have asked for a better work than yours. I stand amazed at the effort and dedication that has gone into it. And you have a proper job as well!" -- D.W.

"Hi Mr. Landry, I hope you don't mind but I felt compelled to write and to thank you for the work you have done on the history of Nova Scotia. I have enjoyed the writings immensely, often turning to them for recreational reading or for clarification with regard to one matter or another. The detail is quite remarkable.
Like you, I studied law at Dalhousie. And also like you, I have a very strong sense of pride about N.S. and its history (even if I'm currently living in Toronto). Over the last couple of years I have become more acquainted with my home province and all it has endured over the last 400 yrs. or so. I might add that my interest also includes the built heritage of the province. That particular aspect of our history continues to amaze me. Overall, I'm struck by the disproportionate amount of notable events that have transpired in the province and, even more so, at the "completeness" of the history. There's a sense of self that few places in North America can match." -- M.N.W.

"My name is C- A- and I'm the L.A. Correspondent of The Times (London). I'm writing a piece on the history of bio-warfare and my research has led me to Jeffrey Amherst, who apparently gave smallpox infested blankets to the Native Americans in an attempt to wipe out a particularly troublesome tribe. I enjoyed your biographical notes on Amherst contained within your work." -- C.A.

"Thank you, your work is very interesting. What a writer you are! Congratulations. I am also a lawyer in Paris. I really don't know if I am a descendant of Louis-François LaCorne of whom you write, or not, but our families are from the same area "Vendon Beauregard Chapte" Auvergne France.
We may have a common ascendant 'Luc de LaCorne' born around 1630 in Auvergne, but it's quite difficult to put the things together on account of a lack of documents due to archives' destructions during the French revolution." -- P.LaC.

"I am a journalist with The Times newspaper in London and I am researching the Acadians -- a story I find fascinating. Going to the 'NET it is impossible not to notice that you have written extensively on the subject." -- R.H.

"I've enjoyed reading your writings about the Acadians. Being an Acadian myself, I find myself many times explaining to people about the Acadians. Where we came from? How we got there? etc., etc. So, my research on our history naturally led me to you." -- S.P., Victoria, British Columbia.

"I just wanted to let you know that I found your The Lion & The Lily (History of Nova Scotia: 1605-1760) very well done and documented. I am presently trying to reconstruct the political, social and religious reality of that period and the context of the causes that led to the expulsion of my ancestors from their homeland. I grew up in New Brunswick and it is only at the tender age of 50 that I am finally becoming aware of what has been the backdrop of my life. These are things I should have learned about when I was 15 -- but thanks to your work, it is never too late. I am amazed that the Acadians were from the start standing face to face to what has become the major power of our time: the Thirteen Colonies (fourteen, if we count Nova Scotia) and how on this continent upheavals of the magnitude of the French and Indian Wars and the Acadian expulsion and the American Revolution have left traces that can still be felt today. It is strange to look at it from an Acadian perspective; Canada was built by people fleeing the American Revolution, people fleeing the Irish famine, people fleeing the cruelty of the Scottish Landlords and Indians trying to hold on to what was theirs. Our place in history as Acadians might be significant on a world level, after all." -- J.G.D.

"I have read your work and was fascinated. I was in Nova Scotia a few years ago on business and loved it. Wish I had read some of your history first." -- N.R.S., USA.

"I am a student at in Cleveland, Ohio USA. I was so impressed with your work! You have also inspired me to visit Nova Scotia." -- C.W.

"I've just finished reading your work. I've always been a lover of history and I can truthfully say another historical door has opened into an area (Nova Scotia) I'd never been exposed to before. Thank you so much!" -- L.P., Bellingham, WA.

"Dear Sir, I enjoyed reading your work particularly your biographical notes on Jean-Baptiste Hertel. Excellent, I especially enjoyed the gory parts. Very entertaining. I just happen to be a descendant (I expect there are many) of Hertel's."

"Peter Landry's knowledge of Nova Scotian history is astounding, his work is informative, well-constructed, and captivating. ... His Part on The First Siege Of Louisbourg is my favorite. I also like his views on Gorham's Rangers as I play at being one (historical re-enactor) during the summer months." -- M.V.

"Peter Landry's work is usually succinct and complete." -- W.T.

"Allow me to complement you on the work you have done. It contains information I have found nowhere else." -- P.A.T., Gretna, Louisiana.

"Great Work! -- attorneys usually make better historians than do non-attorney historians, perhaps because attorneys are attentive to best evidence, primary sources, documentation, remembering to provide info on dates, etc." -- J.S.J., Esq., A practicing attorney in Texas (USA), and a part-time judge (a "hearing examiner" somewhat like a master in chancery) and an adjunct faculty for LeTourneau University.

"I am very thankful that I have found Peter Landry's work ... What I have read so far, I have found very interesting and informative. It was obvious to me, that he has done his research very thoroughly and he certainly knows the subject matter." -- D.J.P., Hudson, Massachusetts.

"Allow me to add my voice to the chorus of correspondents who sing your praises. Truly a gargantuan task you have assumed." -- M.R.LeB.

"I wish I had stumbled upon this work before I retired from teaching last year! Your attention to detail while maintaining a clear sense of narrative is wonderful!" -- K.H.

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