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"Your essays on Hayek and Popper, and particularly the biography of Sir Karl Popper: Honest to God, I have never before cast eyes on articles that are so easy to read and to understand, and that contain the true essence of the subject matter." -- George from Richmond Hill, Ontario.

"Such a brilliant compilation of philosophers, economists and lawyers. The 'eclectic' way in which you write up the biographies is very helpful as it reduces the size of each issue and gives one an opportunity to learn quickly about each one. As a French student in Journalism at the Sorbonne and IHS Cato Institute member I must tell you that your site is one of the most interesting I have ever found on the web ..."

"I was wondering who Arthur Schopenhauer was, I looked him up and found your comments. This led me to Spinoza, of whom I had heard, but knew nothing, and read your contribution on him. It was great to read that someone has articulated my philosophy before me (I knew someone must have), and in this mood of happiness, I thought I'd write to you to let you know that I appreciate your writings on the net." -- Harry G.

"I have read your piece on Adam smith. It is by far, the most moving and informative research I have read, truly splendid, congratulations!" -- David T., Sweden

"I have been troubled for some time about people complaining about government. Whenever somebody complains my response is "But we are the government." Nobody seems to understand what I mean and I am not eloquent enough to get my point across within someone's twenty second attention span. I came across your biography on John Maynard Keynes on the Internet and while many of the people I know might discredit you as having a "right wing bias" I found your writing refreshing." -- John F.

"Yours is a Work of Wonder. Just in time for the new awakening of interest in matters philosophical." -- Robert, Leominster, Massachusetts.

"I needed a quick insight into Copernicus -- Wow!" -- E. Beggs.

"I wanted to thank you for your wonderful piece on Adam Smith. ... I am more of a doer than a sit back and thinker, but it does help to put things into context as succinctly as these writings do. There is a change happening right now that I believe is part of a long history ... I am involved in an internet project that is allowing the free flow of communication from the bottom to the top and back down -- in commerce and civic areas. We really have been missing the involvement and full circle of the people and common sense with current systems, don't you think?" -- Dennis S.

"Thank you for the interesting essay on Popper. I have used his concepts in court and in clinical practice many times, and I'm often astounded how so few people understand these concepts." -- Abbey S.

"A goldmine." -- Tony S., Chelmsford, Essex, England

"Britannica.com is contacting you because our editors have selected your site [blupete.com] as one of the best on the Internet when reviewed for quality, accuracy of content, presentation and usability."

"As I was reading the weekly newsletter by former Swedish Prime Minister and current UN negotiator for the Balkans, Carl Bildt, I was interested to know more about Karl Popper, who was referred in it. As a result I read blupete's biographical sketch on Popper. I am very impressed by this essay as well as everything else I have come across on your site."

"Perhaps you could help me. I read with great interest what you had on Karl Popper. I am now 62 years of age and looking back I find that some of the greatest errors that I have made in my life has been to over-estimate the ability of reason and logic to answer many of the questions of life." -- Arthur O.

"What a lovely introduction to Karl Popper. Nice to read." -- Chris W., Suffolk, England.

"Forgive me for the faults I will commit for I'm not english nor américan. I only wanted to thank you for this very nice realisation. All these biographies are so well written." -- Rachel W., France

"After a heated discussion about the merits of Arthur Schopenhauer with a gentleman who has deified the man, I went searching for more information. My intent was to retrieve a few salient points for a brief article. I had no desire to wade through dry and dusty tomes to find what I was looking for. The brief view you've given us is well written, succinct and entertaining. Your writing is delightfully well put together, leading, at least this reader, to delve deeper into the lives of the people who have shaped our view of life." -- Paulette E.

"I love the biographies! I was looking for a tiny bit of information on Copernicus and people persecuted for ascribing to the idea that the Earth was not the fixed center of the universe, and here it was! ... I think these days people have lost touch with the thought of great thinkers and lack an understanding of how new ideas and assumptions about the nature of reality develop." -- Margaret B.

"Thank you for biography of Machiavelli. I am encouraging my students to research Machiavelli and to discover that he was more than The Prince implied." -- Moira G.

"We are a group of Singaporean students doing a project on the possibilities of 'Food Crisis'. The biography on Thomas Malthus is very enriching and informative. We have thus gain a better understanding on his ideas."

"I've told my friends, fans of philosophy to check out your biographies etc... I love the angles you have taken. esp. Descartes." -- Michael A., Calgary, Alberta.

"I enjoyed very much your biography of Nicolaus Copernicus. ... I'm writing a paper on 'The Mystery of Space and Man', which has a brief history of the impacts of space science and astronomy on Man's understanding of his role in the universe. I'd like to use that quote from Goethe that appears in your biography ..." -- Kelly S., NASA Ames Research Center.

"Not to quibble with a great article, but I wanted to thank you for your biographical sketch on Thomas Paine. The quote at the head of the entry is perfect -- 'The neglected pioneer of one revolution, ...' That still describes Paine's condition with some writers and teachers of history. Thanks for setting the record straight." -- Brian O.

"Thank you for the clear, terse piece on Edmund Burke. I needed a fast review." -- Terry H.

"I read your Karl Popper essay, clear and enjoyable. A friend and I were talking about the limits of freedom and the role of government in monitoring, right now corporate behavior. Popper's ideas fit. Also Popper expresses the important principle of being open to new ideas testing and if wrong moving on." -- Charles B.

"I loved your Machiavelli paper, it was awesome!!! I thought it was very concise and eloquently written!" -- J.T., Cleveland, Ohio.

"Thank you for the info. I am just a writer that was looking for a quote and fell in love with John Locke." -- J.C.

"I am looking to go to Grad school and study Political Science -- after teaching Junior High school for 6 years. Your concise, well-written, perfectly managed biographies and quotes from the thinkers, scholars, and theorists - was very much appreciated!"

"There comes a time when people should remember appreciation is not just an emotion but an expression of that emotion which completes it. I want to express my complete appreciation ... I was sitting at work and had a bit of time so I went looking for some old information. I don't seem to have the excellent recall I wish I had and thus was attempting to recall why I had liked reading some of Locke. I came across your work and I found myself just soaking up information, trying to fill what seemed to be empty spaces I had forgotten about. Your biographical sketches constitutes a very admirable collection and I'm sure it will help others to fill a craving." -- James M.

"Thank you. I have found, in your writings, to be able cut to the chase and explain the things I want to learn about in a lucid and interesting manner. After reading about David Hume (who apparently ALSO believed in "cutting to the chase") I decided that I just had to send you my thanks." -- Tony B., Department of Physics at Washington University in St. Louis.

"I am a law student at the University of Saskatchewan. Your work on Burke taught me more than the many toiled hours of reading other sources. I feel way closer to Burke now than I ever did before. Burke is my new hero. Thank you."

"I found your writing on Malthus to be very interesting and useful." -- Edward, Beijing.

"I am a student of the University of Scranton. I'm writing a paper on Charles Darwin, and I found your essay useful. I wanted to show my appreciation, so I chose to write this little note to you. It's hard to find good, cited information at times, and your essay was perfect. It also extended my understanding of Darwin's life, and especially the way he came about his scientific discoveries." -- Elizabeth H.

"I love your work and will tell everybody I can about it. I couldn't stop reading I actually had to stop myself to try to think instead of just following, which is hard for me." -- Micheal A., Fort McMurray, Alberta.

"I loved your biographical sketches, specially the one on Adam Smith." -- M. H., London, UK.

"Just a note to inform you that I am fascinated by your interpretation of the Freudian theory. I must say that I could not agree with you more. Thank you for your candid and close examination of Freud." -- Scarlet Z.

"Thank you for all your information on John Locke. It is my great joy to have benefited from your work." -- Dave L.

"During a holiday party conversation with a history of math/science professor at the Univ of Notre Dame, led me to google "Karl Popper," which led me quickly to your work on the man. I am intrigued with the implications of Popper's work for the technically-trained business professional." -- John B., Stuart Graduate School of Business Illinois Institute of Technology.

"I'm a 3rd year philosophy student and would like to congratulate you on the content of your work. It gave me a nice little intro on all the key players in philosophy." -- Chris R., Brighton, England.

"I've read your biography of William Godwin, and very informative it was too. Many thanks." -- Laura T.

"I adore Rene Decartes, conflicted man though he certainly was: a devout Catholic yet critical and even fearful of the Mother Church." -- Art H., Bend, Oregon.

"I wish I had stumbled upon your site before I retired from the teaching of Junior High Social Studies last year! Your attention to detail while maintaining a clear sense of narrative is wonderful!" -- Kenneth H., Truro, Nova Scotia.

"Je suis un étudiant en maitrise de philosophie.J'étudie pour le cadre de mon mémoire sur Karl popper;et mon thème est"l'ideé d'une logique de la découverte chez karl popper".C'est donc dans ce contexte que j'aimerais sollicité votre aide quand à l'obtention d'informations se rapprochant à mon sujet.Merçi pour votre aide et votre générosité.' -- L.G.

"I am a great admirer of Peter Landry's work ... he has chosen a magnificent selection of the thinking men of the past on whom he has written brief biographical notes, and I, for one, agree with him on almost all of his conclusions, i.e. Freud. It is a pleasure to make his acquaintance." -- L.H.

"The question that brought me to Peter Landry's work was that I was looking to find out more about John Locke's involvement in writing the constitution for the Carolina colony. I have a hunch that amongst political philosophers, Locke had more practical, hands-on experience in laying the foundations of new political orders (and successful ones at that) than most others. For our friends Rousseau and Hegel, their cogitations on the state were abstract, intellectual exercizes. For Locke they were practical activities with consequences for real human beings, himself and others included." -- F.W., Yellowknife, NWT.

"Peter Landry's biographical sketch of Lord Acton is a highly scholarly work, thoughtful and well-referenced." -- E.G.

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