Memoirs, Or Shadows Of What Has Been
By Peter Landry

Chapter Fifty-Six: A Temporary Respite

Due to pressure to get on to other matters, I am obliged to temporarily stop the individual narratives from year to year. However, mainly for my family, I do want to put up the best of my pictures. I should mention that through the years listed, I was using a digital SLR. Of course the digital camera is a great boom to photography. If there is a problem with it, it is that one has a tendency to shots lots. Having lots to choose from certainly can improve the editing process; but, I ended up with many which I simply have not been able to put-up. I have them all, stashed away within my computer files, labeled by year and month. What I have chosen to show is the best of the best and can be gotten at by clicking the buttons below.

[Pictures, 2005 (1)
[Pictures, 2005 (2)
[Pictures, 2006 (1)
[Pictures, 2006 (2)
[Pictures, 2007 (1)
[Pictures, 2007 (2)
[Pictures, 2007 (3)
[Pictures, 2008 (1)
[Pictures, 2008 (2)
[Pictures, 2009 (1)
[Pictures, 2009 (2)
[Pictures, 2010 (1)
[Pictures, 2010 (2)
[Pictures, 2011 (1)
[Pictures, 2011 (2)
[Pictures, 2012 (1)
[Pictures, 2012 (2)
[Pictures, 2013 (1)
[Pictures, 2013 (2)



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