Memoirs, Or Shadows Of What Has Been
By Peter Landry

Chapter Six, Hackett's Cove - Pictures In Support
Pictures in Support

In the orchard at Hackett's Cove
Hackett's Cove, 1944? Br. Paul on the left, see my little head peeking out just to his left,
Nancy standing at the back, Lila just below her looking out. I was not too sure of the others,
but I have since been informed. Girl to left of Lila, Margaret Baxter; The man in front of me,
Charles ("Buddy") Bezanson (1929-2007), and; The fellow in the plaid shirt, Reg Hollett.
With In the garden, 1950
In the Garden at Hackett's Cove, 1944? Here I am with Reg Hollett.
Red Dorey
A Dory, the Kind that the elderly Sherman Covey would Row to Sea to get his Day's Catch.
Wharf At Peggy's Cove, 1965.jpg
This is actually a scene of Peggy's Cove (the Next Cove Down).
Not Unlike Raymond Covey's Wharf at Hackett's Cove?

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