A blupete Essay

Conclusion, Part 9 to blupete's Essay
"On Writing"

To conclude, I refer to one of the finest writers of the English language, Lord Macaulay. Macaulay's was a perfection of clearness, there is not an ambiguous sentence to be found throughout his works, brilliant language; Thackeray referred to him as a master with a "prodigious memory and vast learning ... He reads twenty books to write a sentence; he travels a hundred miles to make a line of description." Thus, to become a good writer, one must write, and write, and write: and, too, both before and during the exercise, one must read, and read, and read. As Sir W. Robertson put it, he "who is not continually reading and refreshing his mind will soon become stale, flat, and unprofitable."11

[ See, also, bluepete's essay "On Language." ]

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