A blupete Essay

Notes, to blupete's Essay
"Thoughts On Thoreau And Walden"

1 Among Thoreau's writings will be found his essays: "Life without Principle," "Plea for Captain John Brown," "Slavery in Massachusetts," "Civil Disobedience," and "Walking"; and, his books: Maine Woods, A Week on the Concord and Merrimac Rivers (1849), and Walden (1854).

2 Thoreau's furniture and accoutrements "consisted of a bed, a table, a desk, three chairs, a looking-glass three inches in diameter, a pair of tongs and andirons, a kettle, a skillet, and a frying-pan, a dipper, a wash-bowl, two knives and forks, three plates, one cup, one spoon, a jug for oil, a jug for molasses, and a japanned lamp."

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