A blupete Essay

Political Process and Democracy, Part 5 to blupete's Essay
"The Siren's Song"

The Platonic social engineers[7] can be heard to say, "Be docile, bow to leadership, obey the law: it is all for the common good. If, people were to be left alone to go about their own business; -- well, you know, to do so, well, -- it will just bring about social ruin: people, you know, are incapable, immoral and ignorant." (Why is it, I wonder, that these same social engineers defend, so passionately, the right of these same people to vote. The word Democracy has, in itself, a clear enough meaning; but what happens when one adds the word social to democracy; "social democracy." It is a label for a political party that espouses a "social state," but the social state they imagine can only be founded and continue to exist, -- if one will only give the matter a modicum of thought -- if there exists control over people, undemocratic despotism: benevolent or otherwise. These social dreamers commit a semantic fraud: "we will preserve individual freedom by doing away with freedom.")

While the political process is the centre-piece of socialism there is one halting problem, -- the political process does not work. The collectivists, while pointing to the financial obstacles existing in a capitalistic system, create in their collectivist system a whole host of "cultural obstacles."[8] Special interests -- elitist minorities whose goal it is to coerce the dispersed majorities for preferment on arbitrary grounds -- move in and the resulting situation is perpetual unrest.[9] And if one should want to get in on the debate, as the Chief Justice of Ontario, Charles L. Dubin, has pointed out, then that person should be ready to be denounced: as a racist, as a misogynist, as a supremacist, as a imperialist, or, as a facist; or a combination of any of the above. "Their [the spokepersons for interest groups] purpose often is to inflame -- not to inform; to provoke -- not to educate; to hector -- not to reason, and frequently they impute dishonourable motives to those with whom they disagree."[10]

Because of its tyranny, we cannot leave important questions to the political process; indeed the political process is to be avoided; and, because of this, we must keep the functions of government to a minimum.


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