A blupete Essay

Philosophy, Part 2 to blupete's Essay
"The Siren's Song"

We all take a great number of things for granted and many of these assumptions are of a philosophical character; we act on them in private life, in politics, in our work, and in every other sphere of our lives. It maybe, that while some of these assumptions are true; some, I am obliged to point out, are just as likely false; and, indeed, harmful. Thus, as Popper[5] points out, we, each of us, have a moral duty to carry out a critical examination of our presuppositions, a philosophical activity.

Metaphysics is a philosophical area of study which concerns itself with the existence of things. Are things real? Or, do they exist simply in ones mind? Is the mind real? These are some of the elementary questions that come to one who inquires into the nature and ultimate significance of the universe. Those who hold reality subsists only in thought, are idealists (idealism); those who hold reality subsists in only matter, are realists or materialists (materialism); and those who hold that reality subsists both in thought and in matter, are dualists (dualism).


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