A blupete Essay

Removement, Part 5 to blupete's Essay
"On The Theory of Punishment"

The removal of the convicted criminal may be solely motivated by the desire of making sure that the person no longer has the opportunity to commit crime. One might well be of the view that a convicted criminal is "social garbage" to be dealt with accordingly. Put them in prison; and, keep them there. A less expensive way of removement, though certainly drastic, is to put them to death. Removement, is, indeed, a justification for capital punishment; though, probably, the deterrence factor is more prominent. If dead, a convicted criminal cannot commit more crimes. Imprisonment is a more, very much more, expensive way of removement. A whole attitude in regards capital punishment and prisons might well be summed up in the view expressed by Thomas Huxley, we should keep criminals only if we believe, with some certainty, that they may become "serviceable members of the polity."


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