A blupete Essay

Slave State, Part 10 to blupete's Essay
"On Property Rights"

When one imagines a state vested with all property rights (read the power of confiscation) and the individual with none, then one imagines the desperate state or life of the slave; it is exactly the same feeling which a member has in a collectivist setup. In an absolute state of slavery everything belongs to the master or masters. A slave is powerless and senses it; he or she has no self-esteem or ambition: and this because, by the very definition of slavery, the individual is reduced to having no property rights. A collectivist state is a state of many slaves and a few masters (as such it can never last long). The notions of property rights and slavery are inextricably tied up with one another. It follows, therefore -- if freedom, or liberty is the highest good -- that property is to belong to those, without infringing the rights of another, who acquire it.


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