A blupete Essay

Glossary Of Philosophic Terms
In Support of blupete's Essay
"On Philosophy"
Good & Evil § (See Spinoza.)
§ The English grammarian, Lindley Murray (1745-1826)
18 said: "English grammar is the art of speaking and writing the English language with propriety."
The OED on Grammar: "That department of the study of a language which deals with its inflexional forms or other means of indicating the relations of words in the sentence, and with the rules for employing these in accordance with established usage; usually including also the department which deals with the phonetic system of the language and the principles of its representation in writing. ... In early English use, grammar meant only Latin grammar, as Latin was the only language that was taught grammatically. ... grammar is a body of statements of fact - a 'science'; but a large portion of it may be viewed as consisting of rules for practice, and so as forming an 'art'."


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