A blupete Essay

Mystics, Part 8 to blupete's Essay
"On Philosophy"

Yet today, there exists among us, mystics:
"You that will have all solid, and a world of pig-lead, deceive yourselves grossly. You believe yourselves rooted and grounded on adamant, and yet if we uncover the last facts of our knowledge, you are spinning like bubbles on a river, you know not whither or whence, and you are bottomed and capped and wrapped in delusions."11
And so what are we to make of all this; does there exist a Grand Force? How are we to describe it? What attributes do we lend to it? One conclusion we might immediately come to: This Grand Force "is indifferent to progressive development, it has no aims, no goal to reach. Its main motive is to continue striving, to continue living, so to speak. Somehow or other, however, it does bring progress in its wake."12


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