A blupete Essay

Legislation, The Suppressor of Truth, Part 8 to blupete's Essay
"Legislation: Robbers' Rules"

Let us suppose I have yet to convince you; and, you continue to be of the view that legislation can help us and make us, on the whole, better off. Let as further suppose that we have the scientific and technical know-how to put the whole thing together: then -- is there still some problem? And, the answer is, yes -- a very serious problem.

Legislation, by definition, is designed to throttle individual initiative and freedom. Wherever an individual suffers from a curtailment of his or her freedom, the untold suffering often will extend throughout the larger community in ways we are never quite able to comprehend. As science shows, it is the diversity of things, in the larger cosmos, which has led to the universe which we now comprehend; it is diversity in life which has brought to the universe the means by which it might comprehend itself, at its current level; it is the diversity in nature through which the human species evolved; it is diversity which maintains the species; and it is to diversity we must look if we think there is some improvement to be made. When a group of persons excessively denies diversity, that is to say denies freedom to the groups it wishes to suppress, then, in denying diversity, they deny the emergence of truth. I repeat:

"Whereas scientific and technological results are always due to relatively small minorities or particular individuals, often, if not always, in opposition to ignorant or indifferent majorities, legislation, especially today, always reflects the will of a contingent majority within a committee of legislators who are not necessarily more learned or enlightened than the dissenters. Where authorities and majorities prevail, as in legislation, individuals must yield, regardless of whether they are right or wrong."15

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