A blupete Essay

On Availability, Part 9 to blupete's Essay
"An Essay On Lawyers"

"I am to be found here, day by day, attending to your interests. That is my duty, Mr. C.; and term-time or vacation makes no difference to me. If you wish to consult me as to your interests, you will find me here at all times alike. Other professional men go out of town. I don't. Not that I blame them for going; I merely say, I don't go. This desk is your rock, sir!
My digestive functions, as you may have heard me mention, are not in a good state, and rest might improve them; but I shall not rest, sir, while I am your representative. Whenever you want me, you will find me here. Summon me anywhere, and I will come."
Always here, sir. Personally, or by letter, you will always find me here, sir, with my shoulder to the wheel." (Dickens, Bleak House.)

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