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On Tact, Part 25 to blupete's Essay
"An Essay On Lawyers"

"For success in life tact is more important than talent, but it is not easily acquired by those to whom it does not come naturally. ... Try to win, and still more to deserve, the confidence of those with whom you are brought in contact. ... Business is a matter of sentiment and feeling far more than many suppose; every one likes being treated with kindness and courtesy, and a frank pleasant manner will often clench a bargain ... Be wary and keep cool. ... In any negotiations, steadiness and coolness are invaluable. ... Argument is always a little dangerous. It often leads to coolness and misunderstandings. ... If you must argue, admit all you can, but try and show that some point has been overlooked. Very few people know when they have had the worst of an argument, and if they do, they do not like it. Moreover, if they know they are beaten, it does not follow that they are convinced. ... State your case as clearly and concisely as possible, and if you shake his confidence in his own opinion it is as much as you can expect. ... Remember that "a soft answer turneth away wrath;" but even an angry answer is less foolish than a sneer: nine men out of ten would rather be abused, or even injured, than laughed at. They will forget almost anything sooner than be made ridiculous. ... In any business or negotiations, be patient. Many a man would rather you heard his story than granted his request: many an opponent has been tired out. ... Do not be too positive in your statements. You may be wrong, however sure you feel. Memory plays us curious tricks, and both ears and eyes are sometimes deceived. Our prejudices, even the most cherished, may have no secure foundation. Moreover, even if you are right, you will lose nothing by disclaiming too great certainty." (Sir John Lubbock's, "Tact.")
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