A blupete Essay

On Pleasing Clients, Part 11 to blupete's Essay
"An Essay On Lawyers"

"You are separately represented, and no longer hidden and lost in the interests of others. That's something. The suit does not sleep; we wake it up, we air it, we walk it about. That's something." (Dickens, Bleak House.)
And as for the attitude of the lawyer: Lawyer Lowten, after finally seeing to his client's exit from his office, confides in another:
"'There never was a pestering bankrupt as that, since the world began, I do believe!' said Lowten, with the air of an injured man. 'His affairs haven't been in Chancery quite four years yet, and I'm damned if he don't come worrying here twice a week.'" (Dickens, Pickwick Papers.)

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