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Conclusions, Part 8 to blupete's Essay
"The Law"

Thus, we have considered the origins of the law; its nature; its various kinds; and its application. We have seen that law is more than just the expression of the conscious will of a king or of a legislator; indeed, if such expressions run against natural law, against natural justice, then, such expressions may not be law, at all. We have seen that the law which governs society, has, at its very roots, evolved as a result of natural forces arising through the interaction of people. As Cardozo has lectured, "nature had imprinted in us, as one of the very elements of reason ... that law springs from relations of fact which exist between things." Thus, I submit, that all law is traceable to only one: The Law of Cause and Effect. Given certain factors the same motives always produce the same actions; the same events follow from the same causes. It is this single law, that, in the final analysis, comes to our assistance when we are put to the most difficult task of predicting the behavior of our fellow human beings. Each person is obliged to make their own prediction of future events and govern themselves accordingly.

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