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What Is To Be Expect Of Government, Part 8 to blupete's Essay
"An Essay On Government"

What is it that we as individuals expect of government? Not much, I would assert, beyond the regulatory apparatus necessary to carry on national defence, and of maintaining public order and personal safety. If you are of a socialist bent, -- one, who might trace his views back to Plato through Hegel and up to Marx, -- then a broad and a somewhat limitless role is cast for government. At least this much we can all agree upon: government's role is to include the function of defence, of police, and (to a limited extend) to public health and other services which do not lend themselves to voluntary effort.12 It was Bentham's view that, to these fixed categories, governmental functions should be so limited.

"With the view of causing an increase to take place in the mass of national wealth, or with a view to increase the means either of subsistence or enjoyment, without some special reason, the general rule, is, that nothing ought to be done or attempted by government. The motto, or watchword of government on these occasions, ought to be - Be Quiet; ... [And that government be well advised to that request] Diogenes made to Alexander: `Stand out of my sunshine.' We have no need of favour - we require only a secure and open path."13

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