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Government And The Infraction Of Liberty, Part 18 to blupete's Essay
"An Essay On Government"

Having determined that we need government, it follows, government must have the authority to make laws, and the power to enforce them. Being that "every law is an infraction of liberty,"32 it follows that the mere existence of government is an infraction on the liberty of those to be governed. The degree of encroachment of our freedom (the right to choose) is proportionate to the degree of our suffering in life. The right to choose is a life sustaining right; curtail it and you curtail life. The greater number of laws and the bigger the government: is all the worse for us. It is of extreme importance that we check government and have in mind continually the fact that government takes its authority and power from the citizens, us. This authority and power is usually found to be granted in the constitution of the country. We should, by our constitution, give no more authority and power than what is absolutely necessary to suit our purposes; to achieve our goals.

As we have seen, in our analysis, the reason people band together under government is so that they will not be abused, harmed, injured and/or plundered of their goods by those people, marauders, either from within or without the country, who would run amok without the threat of government force to keep them in check. Government, according to John Locke, will lose its right to exercise its power, however, when government abuses its people worse than any imaginable group of marauders that might be operating in the absence of a government. (At least without government, a person might take steps to deal with marauders, steps a person might not take when of the mistaken view that their interests were being protected by government.) Further, in Lockian theory, if government abuses the exercise of the power given it by the people, why then, the people have a natural right to rebel, as did the people of New England in 1776. A legitimate government, for its continued existence must limit itself to those matters that are common to all the members within the community, and only those matters: for example, matters such as civil and national defence. I fear, that here in Canada, government, on a regular basis now, involves itself in matters that are not common to all the members; but, rather, to particular groups, officially pitting one against the other and justifying their acts of plunder in the name of "social justice," a most ambiguous and obscure expression.


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