A blupete Essay

Plato On Democracy
In Support of bluepete's Essay "On Democracy."
"I wish that you would tell me at what, in your opinion, the legislator should aim? "Hear me, then: there are two mother forms of states from which the rest may be truly said to be derived; and one of them may be called monarchy and the other democracy: the Persians have the highest form of the one, and we of the other; almost all the rest, as I was saying, are variations of these. Now, if you are to have liberty and the combination of friendship with wisdom, you must have both these forms of government in a measure; the argument emphatically declares that no city can be well governed which is not made up of both."

[Plato continues to point out that a workable democracy can only consist of educated persons, and if so, then no fatal harm would come.]


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