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Thucydides On Democracy
In Support of bluepete's Essay "On Democracy."
"[Politicans who have capacity and merit.] ... if a man is able to serve the state, he [should not be] ... hindered by the obscurity of his condition. [For example lack of funds.]
"It will be said, perhaps, that democracy is neither wise nor equitable, but that the holders of property are also the best fitted to rule. I say, on the contrary, first, that the word demos, or people, includes the whole state, oligarchy only a part; next, that if the best guardians of property are the rich, and the best counsellors the wise, none can hear and decide so well as the many; and that all these talents, severally and collectively, have their just place in a democracy. But an oligarchy gives the many their share of the danger, and not content with the largest part takes and keeps the whole of the profit; and this is what the powerful and young among you aspire to, but in a great city cannot possibly obtain." [Thucydides, Greek historian, c.460-c.400.]


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