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Conclusions, Part 5 to the Life & Works of
John Kenneth Galbraith

John Kenneth Galbraith was a pop star, "fundamentally a one man crusade";11 his "theories have never found any acceptance in the academic world --" He promoted the collectivist religion which believed that coercive government action against the individual would be in the best interests of the collective whole, of society. It is a false religion which has a perverse view of the nature of man (to Galbraith and his ilk, men are but like whining sheep). Man is an evolved creature which must, by natural law, proceed to serve his and his own family's best interests. As recent history will readily illustrate, it is when individuals serve their own bests interests that the public interests, in so doing, are also best served. Central control by the elite not only wastes precious resources, but splits society into those who have and those who do not. Only in a free market will people be able to lead independently sovereign lives; and only in a free market will people be able to be productive - helping themselves, their families, and their community as a whole. The market is simply another word for freedom. For the maximum good for the most people, we are obliged to proceed on this basis: "Liberty of each, limited by the like liberties of all, is the rule in conformity with which society must be organized."12


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