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Blupete's Favorite Links Page
The following links will bring you outside of "Blupete's Website" -- So, Now is a good time, so that you might readily return to Blupete, to book mark "Blupete's Website".

History: Maps

    "The David Rumsey Collection was started nearly 20 years ago, and focuses primarily on cartography of the Americas from the 18th and 19th centuries. ... The collection on the Internet brings together the finest optical equipment and digital scanners, cutting edge viewing technology, the latest image processing software, powerful wavelet compression, and reliable long-term storage of digital images."
    Providing access to Britain's most extensive digital historical map archive. Find out where your ancestors used to live or check out what your neighbourhood looked like over a hundred years ago.
  • Map Collections
    The Geography and Map Division of the Library of Congress.
  • Library of Congress: Geography and Map Division
    Some of the maps of this vast collection have been converted to digital form and are available for viewing on line. For example, the Samuel de Champlain's 1607 Map.
  • New France - 1720
    By Mall. 348k. University of Georgia collection.
  • America 1733
    By Delisle. 408k. University of Georgia collection.
  • British America 1740
    By Popple. 313k. University of Georgia collection.
  • British Nt. America - 1756
    By d'Anville. 404k. University of Georgia collection.
  • British Nt. America - 1763
    By Splisbury. 346k. University of Georgia collection.
  • North America 1774
    By Dunn.269k. University of Georgia collection.
  • University of Texas
    This is their links page to on-line map sites.
  • Maps - Paulus Swaen

  • Custom Search

    Links checked February, 2017