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Book #3, The Road To Being Canada" (1815-1867)
Chapter 40, Halifax, A Description Through The Years

FN1 Ch40 The Nova Scotia Legislature first convened at the new stone Province House on February 11th, 1819, where yet today the legislators meet. It was a palace which had been eight years in the building; a "splendid building, erected for the reception of the legislature, the courts of justice, and all the public offices." (Murdoch, vol. 3, p. 429-31.) It is well known that the court room of The Supreme Court is now the Legislative Library. Akins wrote the section of Province House dedicated to the court "comprised the three rooms overhead, lately used by the keeper of the building. A large gallery then surrounded the Court Room on three sides. This gallery was removed in 1827 or 1828, the height of the Court Room reduced, and the upper space made into three rooms, which were appropriated to the Law Library, Admiralty Records, etc." (Akins, "History of Halifax City," NSHS, #8, p. 189-90.)

FN2 Ch40 Murdoch, vol. 3, p. 489.

FN3 Ch40 Letters from Nova Scotia (London: Colburn & Bently, 1830) pp. 174-5.

FN4 Ch40 Vol. 3, p. 550-51. Incidentally, the new dance was the waltz, the minuet and the cotillion were on there way out.

FN5 Ch40 "History of Halifax City," NSHS, #8, p. 201. "Fresh Water Bridge" was also known as the "kissing Bridge." (Phyllus R. Blakeley, "Halifax at the Time of Confederation," The Dalhousie Review, Vol. 27, No. 4, p. 393.)

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FN10 Ch40 Alan Martin, "Extracts from the Journal of Captain J. A. Farquhar, re: His Stay on Sable Island (1849-63)," NSHS, #27, p. 102.


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