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Book #1: The Lion & The Lily.TOC
Part 4, "First Siege of Louisbourg: 1745."
Synopses, Chapters 1 to 14

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1 - Introduction (4k):-

2 - Louisbourg (1745) (9k):-
St. Ovide's prediction; The Canso Prisoners Tell All; Louisbourg is Inadequately Supplied with Men, Provisions and Artillery, and worse -- the French Garrison is Mutinous; Swiss Régiment de Karrer, Cailly, Le Prévost & Mutiny (January, 1745).

3 - The Colonial Call:- (12k)
Shirley's Proclamation; Les Messieurs les Bastonnais, People with "Democratic Susceptibilities"; An Ambitious Project; Recruitment; The Snickering British; Massachusetts (Shirley) Takes the Lead; Colonial Optimism.

4 - Warren's Fleet:- (7k)
Shirley asks the Royal Navy for help; Warren's Motives; Warren and his Captains in Antigua have a Disagreement; Three British Men-of-War and their Big Naval Guns Come up the Coast.

5 - Colonials at Canso:- (17k)
After two weeks of Cramped Quarters, Wet Clothes and Cold Food, the Colonials are Glad to Arrive at Canso; Pomeroy Writes Home; The Renommée and the Tartar; Block House erected at Canso; The Arrival of Warren's Fleet; The Ice Melts and a 100 Sailing vessels head into Garbarus Bay.

6 - Colonials on the Beaches:- (14k)
The Comfortable and the Confident; St. Ovide's Prediction; The Roads of Louisbourg; Good Luck, Good Weather, and Good Boatmanship -- 2,000 on the Shore; A Short but Smart Engagement; Duchambon Dawdles.

7 - Annapolis Royal Spared And A Spoiled Rescue Attempt:- (14k)
The Situation at Annapolis Royal; A Winter's March Overland from Quebec (the Marins); Duchambon Makes a Bad Choice; Bombardment of Annapolis Royal; A Wrecked Schooner and An Intercepted Message; Good Luck Continues to Hold; Big Guns and Little Canoes.

8 - The Taking of The Royal Battery:- (18k)
Rush to the Walls; The Separate & Fortified Gun Batteries of Louisbourg; Vaughan and the Taking of the Royal Battery; Expeditionary Flag of 1745 (an image); The New Englanders Salute the French with their own Cannon.

9 - Siege Work:- (15k)
Disuniformed Colonials; Gawking Youth & Guffawing Elders; 2,500 v. 4,000; Surprise is out & Siege Work is in; Stone-boats & Mud Sucking Traps; "Titcomb's" and "Sherburne's" Batteries; Lack of Powder; Pillage.

10 - Royal Naval Operations:- (14k)
Impenetrability of Louisbourg's Harbour; Warren's Blockade; The Taking of the Vigilant; Maisonfort; A Handsome Dividend; Warren gets Reinforcement; Eleven Men-of-War, the Largest British Squadron in North American Waters Since 1711.

11 - The Island Battery:- (21k)
The Strategically Placed Harbour Defences; Warren's Plan; Hard Service: The Carryover; A Bellyful of Rum & Three Cheers; A Ruinous Debacle; A Melancholy Scene.

12 - The Bombardment:- (15k)
English Spirits Sag; The French Take The Initiative; The Fight at Lorembec (May 27th); A Battery at Lighthouse Point; The Lull; The Storm.

13 - The Capitulation:- (28k)
Pounding Cannon; Conditions in the Town; A Flag of Truce; Terms of Capitulation; The Handover; The Casualties; "Spoils of War"; Jubilation; The Reasons for the Fall of Louisbourg.

14 - The English Occupation Of Louisbourg:- (45k)
Rev. Samuel Moody & His Puritanic Axe; Work To Be Done; The French Population Deported; The English Move In; Warren's Prizes; July and Unrest; Governor Shirley's Arrival; The Threat of a September and Diminishing Concerns about the French Fleet; Fall and Winter; Sickness and Death; Conclusions.


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