Blupete's History of Nova Scotia

Key Events in the History of Nova Scotia: 1867.

§March 16: The opening of the Nova Scotia Legislature; Charles Tupper, then the Premier of Nova Scotia, was just back from London where the Confederation Bill had been passed by the Imperial Parliament.
§June 10: The Twenty-Second Assembly of the Nova Scotia Legislature, first convened in 1864, was dissolved.
§Flogging, except in times of war, was abolished in Great Britain.
§"In 1867 there were 2,400 British troops stationed in Nova Scotia, chiefly at Halifax, consisting of detachments of the Artillery and the Engineers and two Regiments, the 4th and 47th Foot. One regiment occupied Wellington Barracks and the other the Citadel."
§In this year, the greatest number of sailing vessels, in any one year, approximately 380, were built in Nova Scotia.
§In Great Britain, the Representation of the People Act was passed (also known as the Second Reform Act). By it, the urban working class were enfranchised. Though one cannot be sure of the numbers, the eligible people who could vote (all male) was doubled by this act.
§"1867: Alaska (admitted as 49th state in 1958) was purchased from Russia for $7.2 million in gold. Some thought the idea was ridiculous and the purchase became known as Seward's Folly, after Secretary of State William Henry Seward. The boundary between Russia and Canada was established by treaty in 1825."
§July, 1st: The provinces of Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick formed up under British law to be one Dominion, under the name of Canada. (The British North America Act.)
§The first federal election was carried out throughout the new country of Canada between August 7 and September 20. The actual polling in Nova Scotia appears to have been carried out on September 18.
§Paris Exhibition of 1867.
§Halifax: An act relating to Rag and Junk Shops.
§An act Incorporate the Halifax Omnibus, Express, and Conveyancing Co.
§An act Incorporate the Union Gold Mining Co. and Union Copper Mining Co.

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