Blupete's History of Nova Scotia

Key Events in the History of Nova Scotia: 1853.

§The American Commodore, Matthew Perry, brought his fleet of ships into the port of Yedo (Japan). Two of his ships were steam driven, a completely new invention to the Japanese.
§March 31st: Nova Scotia Railroad Company incorporated.
§"The oldest official report is the first volume of Thomson's Reports, prepared by James Thomson, Q.C. Although it contains reports of decisions as far back as 1834, it was not published until 1853 ..."
§Acadia Free Stone Quarrying and Manufacturing Incorporated (Pictou County) by statute
§Antigonish Steamboat Co. incorp. by Statute.
§Nova Scotia Railway Co. incorporated by statute.
§Letters Patent granted to Asa Willard for a "Butter Machine."
§David Livingstone, the missionary, began his exploration of the Zambezi.
§At this time there is recorded that the Royal Mail steamer, America, was going back and forth over the Atlantic Ocean with Halifax its usual first port of call -- "twelve and a half days from Liverpool ..." So too, reference was made to the Royal Mail steamer, Canada, in the October 15th, 1853, ed. of The Acadian Recorder.
§December 6th: Halifax Young Men's Christian Association formed.

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