Blupete's History of Nova Scotia

Key Events in the History of Nova Scotia: 1847.

§Jun 23rd: The Seventeenth Assembly of the Nova Scotia Legislature, first convened in 1844, was Dissolved.
§Aug 5th: Election Date.
§James Boyle Uniacke became Premier replacing James William Johnston who had been Premier since 1843.
§The first narcosis with chloroform was performed by James Young Simpson on himself.
§General election in Great Britain.
§Andrew Downs (1811-1892) began building his menagerie with five acres at Halifax, which, by 1863, grew into the 100 acre, "Downs' Zoological Gardens," the very first zoo in North America. (The New Regent Park Zoo, London, had been set up in the 1820s.)
§An act "to prevent obstructions to the ferry across" Halifax Harbour.
§Londonderry Mining Co. of Nova Scotia incorp. by Statute.
§Nova Scotia Electric Telegraph Co. incorporated by statute.
§Nova Scotia Fire Insurance Co. incorporated by statute.
§Marx's Communist Manifesto published at London.
§Nova Scotia mostly imported her wanted goods from Great Britain (£331,000) and from the US (£309,000). Nova Scotia exported her goods back to Great Britain (£72,000) and the United States (£475,000). Also her exports (fish & lumber) were much desired in the West Indies: £202,000 to be compared to £29,000 which came in from the West Indies.

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