Blupete's History of Nova Scotia

Key Events in the History of Nova Scotia: 1833.

§January 8th, 1833, Haliburton buys Clifton site at Windsor.
§March 9th, Halifax harbour frozen over.
§In the United Kingdom legislation is brought in (1833-5) to forbid bear-baiting and bull-baiting.
§Browning publishes his first volume of verse in 1833.
§June 20th, Maid of the Mist steamboat made first trip from St. John to Windsor, thereafter a weekly service.
§August: Audubon, the ornithologist visits Halifax: "We crossed the harbour in which we saw a 64-gun ship."
§August 18th, the steamship Royal William sails for England from Pictou.
§The Factory Act in England (1833): Factory inspectors were set up; school inspectors and Mine Inspectors shortly followed.
§The First Opium War (1834-1843): Up to this year, 1833, the East India Company "brought British goods to India, exchanged them for silver, and, with the silver, obtained Chinese silks and tea for the home market." It was more than just silk and tea involved in the China trade. There developed problems between the Chinese and the British which resulted in two Opium Wars: the First (1834–1843) and the Second (1856-1860).
§Halifax: An act re the allowances to Collectors of Rates.
§An Act in respect to Stray Horses and Cattle in Kings Co.
§An act to preserve and regulate the navigation of Pugwash Harbour.
§November 9th: Most of the Royal sappers who had been sent from England in 1829 to work on the Citadel return to England.

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