Blupete's History of Nova Scotia

Key Events in the History of Nova Scotia: 1771.

§In the spring of 1771, the sloop Granby coming in from Boston to the Halifax Navy Yard "with £2,700 on board and several articles of American stores" in a storm struck the rocks of Sambro; she was "dashed to pieces" and all of her crew died. The navy, five days later, went on a salvage mission but found that the local fisherman had helped themselves; the naval official recovered £2,000.
§Gambling became such a problem that the governor (Campbell) banned horse racing.
§"The improvement characteristics of the Eighteenth Century was more marked in manners and intelligence than in morals and the stricter virtues. Gambling raged among the wealthy even more than in our own time, and drinking deep was scarce thought a blemish. The best of the upper class aimed at the full and rational enjoyment of this life, rather than at preparation for the next, of which they spoke seldom and then with cheerful scepticism." (George Macaulay Trevelyan.)
§The English parliament issued a proclamation that the debates in the house were not to be published. Six printers defied the house and a great turmoil broke out especially between the London Magistrates and the leaders of the house when one of the printers was jailed for not responding to a summons to the house. The leaders of the house quietly dropped the matter.
§Burke is chosen by the New York assembly as their London agent, just as Benjamin Franklin was that of Massachusetts.
§October: Governor Campbell departs for Boston as he sought medical attention as his health was generally bad and in particular he had trouble with his eyes; he returned to Halifax in July 1772.

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