History of Nova Scotia

Significant Historical Happenings By Year: 1645-47.

§February, 1645: La Tour goes to Boston with his principle creditor, John Paris leaving Madame La Tour to stay behind to mind the fort.
§April 13th, 1645 (Easter): D'Aulnay, with La Tour still being in Boston, takes Fort La Tour.
§The long war, The Thirty Year War, comes to an end. Thee the French nation, in support of conservatism, as represented by the Holy Roman Church, ruled as it was by the all powerful Richelieu, keep the forces of Calvinism out of France.
§D'Aulnay as of 1645 absolutely rules in most all of Acadia. Denys was restricted to a narrow strip on the Gulf of St. Lawrence.
§After his success in completely wiping out La Tour in Acadia d'Aulnay sailed back to France. It was that spring, in 1645 that D'Aulnay brought more families over from his mother's seigneury, headquartered at the Château de Charnisay, located near Loudon, in the province of Vienne.

§August 8, 1646: La Tour arrives at Quebec.
§August 20, 1646: A delegation sent by d'Aulnay arrives at Boston to make peace.

§March, 1647: D'Aulnay hears that there is a vessel from Boston (Capt. Dobson) at Cape Sable, there to trade with the Indians. He sends twenty men overland from Port Royal, who succeeded in capturing the vessel and her crew.

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