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Significant Historical Happenings By Year: 1639-41.

§La Tour contracts to take a French wife, Francoise Jacquelin.

§March 26, 1640: La Tour and his new bride, Francoise Jacquelin set sail for Acadia aboard the L'Amitye de la Rochelle; she carried eight passengers and a crew of 20.
§Port Royal is established, once again, as the headquarters for Acadia. Few Frenchmen hung on at La Heve. La Tour continued on for a while at his outpost at Sable Island (Yarmouth Co.). In addition, there were additional French forts at Musquodoboit and at St. Mary's River at the end of the Bay of Islands; and, of course the settlements at Cape Breton (St. Ann's and St Peters).

§There is but 120 French settlers in all of Nova Scotia.
§February 13th, 1641: The French king orders that La Tour should embark for France to answer charges brought against him by d'Aulnay. The order is delivered in August to La Tour.

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