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Significant Historical Happenings By Year: 1612-14.

§January 23rd, 1612: Poutrincourt arrives from France with supplies.
§August, 1612: Poutrincourt explores Chignecto and Minas.
§Colonization at Bermuda.

§May 16th, 1613:
Madame de Guercherville, vessel having set sail on 13th March, 1613, arrived at Port Royal having previously first come ashore at Cape La Have.
§June 28th, 1613, Captain Samuel Argall comes up the coast from Virginia and destroys the French settlements at Acadia.

§March 27th, 1614: Having set sail in France on 31st December, 1613: Poutrincourt arrives at Port Royal to find the fort in ruins and the inhabitants starving. He returns to France with most all of the survivors. Thus, the second attempt to establish a permanent establishment in France comes to an end.
§April 1st, 1614, John Rolfe (the first tobacco grower in Virginia) and Pocahontas are married at Jamestown.

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1 In June of 1616, John Rolfe, Pocahontas and their son (b.1615) arrive in England; Pocahontas was introduced to high society and made quite an impression. A year later, just as she was about to return back home to Virginia, Pocahontas died. The son, Thomas Rolfe stayed on in England and was brought up by his uncle. Thomas returned to Virginia in 1640 there to marry Frances Pothress. (Chatterton, p. 193-5.)


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