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Captain Gideon White

Gideon White came to Shelburne in 1784 and became a successful merchant and farmer. He had not come directly up from New York as most of the settlers did in 1783. He had first come up with the men of the Duke of Cumberland regiment to Chebucto (Guysborough). Well, for whatever reason, White took a dislike to the place and felt he might do better if he were located elsewhere in the province. "On April 6 he with 14 Shelburne Loyalists and disbanded soldiers petitioned Governor Parr for 15 fifty acre lots on the east side of the Port Roseway River ..." [Marion Robertson, King's Bounty, (Halifax: N.S. Museum, 1983), p. 77.] We can only at this stage but touch upon the life of Gideon White. For further research, see A Calendar of the White Collection of Manuscripts in the Public Archives of Nova Scotia Pub. #5 (Halifax: PANS, 1940); and see, Gideon White: Loyalist (Petheric Press, 1975), my copy has a visitor's guide to the "Ross-Thomson House tipped in.


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