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The Rise To Power, Part 3 to the Life & Works of
Richard John Uniacke

As it happened, the office of the Attorney General became open for an appointment in the very year Uniacke arrived back in Nova Scotia, but the Lieutenant Governor gave it to another lawyer thought to more experienced.6 In consolation Uniacke was given the office of the Solicitor General7, in which capacity he served until 1797.

Chas. Bruce Fergusson set out in a brief note Uniacke's political career.

"Between 1783 and 1806 he represented successively the township of Sackville, the county of Halifax and the county of Queens in the House of Assembly. He was speaker from 1789 to 1793 and from 1799 to 1806. He served as solicitor-general from 1781 to 1797 and as attorney-general from 1797 to 1830. He was also a member of the council of Nova Scotia from 1808 to 1830."8


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