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Wm. Henry Bartlett

Bartlett was a very successful 19th cent. travel book illustrator. Of the many travel book illustrators of the 19th century, Bartlett was different, for, in addition to being an accomplished artist, he "travelled to all the places he drew." His output was "prodigious" and most all of it ended up in the hands of the engravers. Apparently, between the years 1826 and 1852, Bartlett made four trips out to Canada from England, the principal results of which are set forth in the engravings contained in a very handsome two volume work Canadian Scenery, brought out in England in 1842. This work contains a number of engravings of scenes in and about Nova Scotia, depicting it as it was, in 1838. The work contains 120 steel engravings of drawings done by Bartlett. These engravings, as a complete bound up collection, as exists in Canadian Scenery, are now rare and difficult to find.


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