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Sebastian Zouberbuhler

Zouberbuhler came up with Waldo in the successful effort to take Louisbourg in 1745. He was probably born in Switzerland, and, as is the case with so many Swiss citizens, then and today, Zouberbuhler could speak a number of languages including English, French and German. Seeing that there was to be opportunities for such persons as himself who had a flair for buying and selling things, Zouberbuhler stayed on at Louisbourg during the time that the English occupied the place, 1745-49. With the founding of Halifax in 1749 and seeing that that was where the money was; well, that's were Zouberbuhler next went. His fluency with the German language made him particularly valuable to the authorities beginning with the arrival of the German settlers in 1750; and, more particularly when they were sent to establish the new community at Lunenburg in June of 1753, a place at which he was to carry on until his death in 1773.


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