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"You have made complex matters easy to understand. Thank You!" -- Sean D. of Ottawa, Ontario

"An incredible and prodigious output of reason!" -- G.J.

"From a quick look at the descriptions of these essays, I am impressed that you are a great and careful thinker; you investigate all aspects of life and to try to make some rational sense of it. I hope to read every one of your essays so as to improve my own understanding of these fundamental issues." -- Leon F.

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"It seems to me that this type of information [as contained in Peter Landry's work] should be mandatory in the American public school system. It's a pleasure to read the essays on the history and the law. I always come away enriched, and reflect on how it was when I was in school. Some of what he touches on was still being taught. How worried I get when I think of how little the Americans of today, lack in self understanding, through our own written history and philosophers.
I am a Republicanist, for how little I truly understand about it, and by my upbringing I believe I am a humanist as well. I marvel at persons such as Peter Landry, who are able to set off the little sparks of fire and explosion, in another person's brain with his conclusions regarding mankind and his own understanding of himself, through reflections of great writings.
He will eternally have me as a perpetual student." -- G.E.G., Dayton, Nevada.

"Dear Peter, My God this is amazing! -- your essay on democracy, in particular. Your insights really help, as does all the info that I couldn't possibly have time to plow through; your work really astounds me! Especially after I saw the whole list of your essays -- I've known people who were interested in knowledge and expanding their minds, but this is really unbelievable." -- Liz, Oxford, England.

"I have come across your 'pages' in my determination to become much more familiar with the common law, and enjoyed your essay on that subject. Thank you." -- Mark G.

"Since I look forward to reading Law in the future, I found your article on The Common Law very useful." -- Tah A., Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire.

"Dear Pete, on my search for truth I have landed here with you. I have just spent hours of writing and intense thinking, reading your essays. It is now 4.15 in the morning, and although I could keep reading, I have to go to bed. But I have very much enjoyed your writings, and will certainly return soon for some more reading. (Maybe as soon as tomorrow!) Thank you very much, for making these valuable words of wisdom available to so many!" -- Natalie M., Stockholm, Sweden.

"Thank you for your excellent review of property rights. I look forward to reading your other essays on law ..." -- Andrew C., Washington, DC.

"My dear fellow, what great work you do. And to think that I found you quite by accident! I while searching information on Copernicus and found you. Thank you for building and sharing these treasures with people like my self. I am an aviator by vocation and a historian by avocation. I will broadcast to all I know about your essays and I trust all will enjoy them as much as I do. Thank you my friend." -- Rusby S., Sequim, Washington & Mesa, Arizona.

"I discovered your work on John Locke, and loved it. Further, your essay about Legislation and Common Law helped me to better understand these matters, and now I feel indebted to you. Your writings have made things much more clear. Thank you Peter!" -- Josmar P., Campo Mourao, Brazil.

"I just read your essay on government. Although many adjectives come to mind in trying to describe your work I will limit myself to two: Eloquent and compelling. Your views are well formed, convincingly persuasive and left me feeling obligated to write you and express my admiration of both your literary skill and persuasive insight. It is rare to find such a complex and daunting subject presented with such clarity. Although Law is not my chosen field of study, I nonetheless found your paper highly enlightening. Thank you for publishing your analysis. It is a welcome change from the mindless drivel that haunts the market. I look forward to reading more of your work." -- Antonio H., New Mexico State University.

"I just read your essay on liberty and must say that I agree with you completely. I have been asked to address a small group on the 4th of July about freedom. They expect to be inspired by a patriotic speech that says nothing of the meaning of freedom, of course. I hope to sneak in a message to curb the busybodies' tendency to try to control every aspect of other's lives in well-meaning attempts that tend to abridge our freedoms. Thank you for such a thoughtful essay." -- Roy R.

"I was searching for a short exposition of the 'common law'. Yours made a wonderful read. Thank you very much. -- Vivek G., India.

"You point out the noble aspirations of law and government in your dissertation on Greek democracy. How many of our current world leaders have learned the lessons of the Peloponnesian Wars, the battle between the Greek and Trojan world views that offer so much to history? I am almost embarrassed to repeat the truism that if we do not learn from history we are bound to repeat it." -- Robert S., Hampton Bays, New York.

"I am a doctoral student of China University of Politics and Law in Beijing China. Recently, I am doing some research work on the origins of the Principle of Legality. In many Chinese books, I was told that The Magna Charta, 1215, was the origins of The Principle of Legality ... An English authority to the Magna Carta had set out: "No freeman shall be seized or imprisoned, or have his rights and possessions taken from him, or outlawed, or in any way destroyed; nor will we go upon him, nor will we send upon him, except by the lawful judgement of his equals, or by the laws of the land." I did not find the book to which this authority referred, in China, myself. That is why I was so pleased to find your work on the subject, and so readily available." -- Ms. Yang.

"I just wanted to thank you for your essay 'On Legislation.' Many thanks." -- Laura T.

"I have been searching for a cogent, but relatively brief discussion of the Rule of Law. I found it in Peter Landry's work." -- J.R.C.

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