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Conclusion, Part 7 to blupete's Essay
"Education & The Voucher System"

Whatever it is that we expect of our educational system, it cannot take care of our babies, that we must leave in the hands of the parents; nor can we expect that it will provide the essential seasoning which all young adults require, this we must leave to their employers. One's expectations of any educational system can be clarified and delimited by the realization that there is a difference between what might be described as instruction or training, versus, those activities that help form character in a human being.

Equality of opportunity to an education is for society a primary objective. Though much depends on the meaning of the word education, it can hardly be said that our present system has achieved this dearly held objective. It does not even come close! The bloody flag of equal opportunity hangs frayed and limp above an educational field littered with ideals and expensive governmental mechanisms, which are now so many wrecks strewn about, and which, because of a dried up government treasury, will soon be turned into a stack of smoldering smithereens. Do I exaggerate: remember, please, that I write about a system which claims to be educating the population, this is a claim made in the face of the fact that 37% cannot meet most everyday reading skills! No doubt about it, it's time for a change. It's time to employ the invigorating forces of the market place and at the same time truly serve the goal of equal opportunity to an education by introducing a "voucher system."

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