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The Facts, Part 2 to blupete's Essay
"Education & The Voucher System"

Nova Scotians, like the rest of Canadians, are suffering from illiteracy: 15% of all adults between 16 and 69 can neither read or get beyond a familiar word in a simple text; 37% cannot meet most everyday reading skills.[1] When it comes to science and math we are sadly behind in the international ranks;[2] and 14% of the population in Nova Scotia have low "Numeracy Skills."[3] Our children drop out of school at an alarming rate; 26.8% of all students who entered grade 9 do not graduate from high school.[4] As for costs: overall the province of Nova Scotia spends approximately a quarter of its budget on education; it spends more of its citizen's money on education than in any other area, except that for health care. For the year 1990 it spent, on average, $4,217 on each pupil (compare this to $2,506 in 1982).[5]

Canada spends proportionately more of its resources than just about any other country in the world on education, more certainly than does New Zealand, France, Australia, the U.K., the United States and Japan (just to name a few).[6] Canada's teachers, it would appear, are the highest paid in the world.[7]

The Economic Council of Canada states, that while the results are spotty and difficult to compare from province to province (the system does not like testing itself), what results are available do suggest "that average achievement in the tested subjects has not improved, but rather has deteriorated over the past 25 years ... as test results deteriorated between 1966 and 1991, the student/teacher ratio declined by about one third, while expenditures per student, adjusted for inflation, more than doubled."


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