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Book #3, The Road To Being Canada" (1815-1867)
Chapter 46, The Fenian Brotherhood

FN1 Ch46 The name was taken from Fianna, or armed force, which had defended Ireland in the early part of its history. (Llewellyn Woodward, The Age of Reform: 1815-1870 (1938)(Oxford: Clarendon Press, 2nd ed., 1962), fn p. 359.

FN2 Ch46 James M. Cameron, "Fenian Times in Nova Scotia (1866)," NSHS, #37, p. 103.

FN3 Ch46 Cameron, p. 104. "The rumours having abated and the whole incident being seen in its proper perspective in the military sense, some anti-confederates scoffed at the defunct threat as spurious trumpery to promote confederation." (Cameron, p. 123.)

FN4 Ch46 Cameron, p. 106 & p. 111.


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