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Book #3, The Road To Being Canada" (1815-1867)
Chapter 37, Agriculture

FN1 Ch37 Haliburton, vol. 2, table at p. 376.

FN2 Ch37 The Tribune of Nova Scotia (Toronto: Glasgow, Brook; 1921), p. 70.

FN3 Ch37 On December 15, 1818, for example, the Agricultural Society of Nova Scotia was inaugurated. Lord Dalhousie was its President and John Young its Secretary.

FN4 Ch37 Wednesday, September 6th, 1820: "A fair and cattle show were held on Camp Hill, on the Halifax Common ... The judges of the cattle were John Albro, William Young, John Starr, Peter McNab, and Frederick Major." (Murdoch, vol. 3, pp. 457-8.) Sir James Kempt attended and distributed money prizes.

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FN6 Ch37 "Notes on Several Governors and Their Influence," NSHS, #17, p. 197.

FN7 Ch37 The Journal of Captain John Harris of Clements, Nova Scotia: 1813-1822 (Falcon Press, nd).


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