The Louisbourg Grenadiers, 1758.

From left to right, a grenadier of the 22nd, 45th and the 40th regiments of foot. The grenadier on the right, of the 40th, is "encumbered with full marching order. In addition to his cross-belt and waist-belt, he wears a hide pack fastened to a cross-belt over his right shoulder. A metal water-bottle is suspended on the left from a narrow strap over the right shoulder, and the greyish-white canvas haversack for rations hangs on the right side. The grenadier also wears the brown marching gaiters that replace white linen ones on active service."

From Military Uniforms in Canada,
By Jack L. Summers and Rene Chartand
(Ottawa: National Museums, pub. No. 16, 1981) pp. 51-2.

[The Regiments at Louisbourg: 1758]
[The Siege of Louisbourg of 1758]

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