Regiment of Foot, Fraser's Highlanders, 1758.

"The outstanding feature of Highland dress was, of course, the kilt. The 78th wore the belted plaid, which consisted of twelve yards of double width tartan. The fabric was spread on the ground and neatly pleated over the waist-belt; the soldier lay down on the plaid, fasten his belt, and stood up. The lower part of the plaid formed the kilt proper. The upper portion, which fell over the belt, was gathered behind and fastened at the left shoulder. In inclement weather, the plaid was unfastened and drawn about the shoulders like a cloak.
...The regulation red coat of the British infantry was much too long to accommodate the belted plaid, so highland regiments adopted a short red jacket cut square across the back a few inches below the waist."

From Military Uniforms in Canada,
By Jack L. Summers and Rene Chartand
(Ottawa: National Museums, pub. No. 16, 1981) pp. 16,24.

[The Regiments at Louisbourg: 1758]
[The Siege of Louisbourg of 1758]

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