The Shores, Southwest of Louisbourg, circa 1758.1
French Gun Emplacements:
Fresh Water Cove: Flat Point: White Point:
C. - One Swivel
D. - Two Swivels
E. - Two Six Pounders
F. - One Twenty Pounder & Two Six Pounders
G. - One Seven-inch Mortar
H. - Two Swivels
I. - Two Six Pounders
K. - Two Six Pounders
N. - Two Twelve Pounders
O. - Two Six Pounders
P. - Two Twenty-four Pounders
Q. - Two Six Pounders
R. - Two Twelve Pounders

Introduction To blupete's History Of Nova Scotia.


[1] Taken from Richard Brown work, A History of the Island of Cape Breton (1869) p. 297.

April, 2000.

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