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Book #1: The Lion & The Lily.TOC
Part 3, "Annapolis Royal & Louisbourg: 1713-1744."
Synopses, Chapters 1 to 7

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1 - Louisbourg -- Its Founding (24k):-
The War of the Spanish Succession, John Churchill and the Treaty of Utrecht; The Islands of St. Lawrence; Isle Royale; Ste. Anne's, Spanish Bay (Sydney), English Bay (Louisbourg), Port Dauphin (Englishtown) and Ste. Pierre (Port Toulouse); The Choice of Louisbourg; The Founding of Louisbourg; The Arrival of the French Settlers at Louisbourg, the Semslack; St. Ovide and Boularderie; The Fishers of Louisbourg; Out On The Mira; The Route to the Acadian Lands on peninsular Nova Scotia; Vetch's Worry.

2 - Louisbourg -- Its Soldiers & Fortifications (29k):-
The purpose of Louisbourg; Accommodations; Outlying Garrisons; Lonely Men and Alcohol; Deserters, Dress; Fighting, Indian Style; Fortress Louisbourg; Costs; A Cut Stone & A Painting of St. John's Baptism; Structures of Louisbourg: Lighthouse, Hospital, & Convent; The Engineers & The Contractors; Louisbourg today, a military Brigadoon.

3 - Louisbourg -- Its Trade (28k):-
Reasons for the Founding of Louisbourg (restated); Dried Cod Out - Rum & Tobacco In; Some Numbers; The Guinea Trade; The Skyline of Louisbourg; The Daccarrette Family of Louisbourg; The French Out Hustle the English; The Acadian Bread Basket; Famine at Louisbourg.

4 - Annapolis (1712-20) (11k):-
Nicholson's Treachery; Nicholson's Pays an Official Visit to Annapolis; Vetch Leaves for England and does not Return; Governor Caulfeild; Molasses and Salted Pork; Annapolis Royal, Minis, and Chignecto (in 1715).

5 - Annapolis (1720-39) (23k):-
Walpole and Years of Peace; Rule by Military Fiat; Mascarene's Survey (1720); Philipps Arrival at Annapolis Royal; Colonial Law; Ensign Wroth's Tour and, The Proclamation and Acadian Oath of 1726; The Death of Armstrong; Prohibitory Trade Laws and Their Un-enforceability as Against the Acadians - Armstrong's Order; The Course of French Silver Coin: From Louisbourg, Through the Acadians, To Boston Banks.

6 - The Lead-Up, Canso & War (1740-44) (20k):-
"Gamsog" & Level Beaches; French Interlopers & Captain Thomas Smart; Indians at Canso (1720); The Establishment of an English Garrison at Canso (1720); Edward How; Canso Busy Place (1720s); Canso's decline (1730s); Captain Patrick Heron; Commander Prévost; The War of The Austrian Succession ("Governor's Shirley's War"); Duvivier Takes Canso.

7 - The Lead-Up, Annapolis Royal & War (1740-44) (34k):-
Mascarene, the Diplomat; Rumours at Fort Anne; French Plans; A Seeding Force of 50 French Regulars Dispatched under Duvivier; The Indian Attack of July 1st; Acadian Reluctance and French Threats; Fort Anne Invested (September 7th, 1744); Edward How; Parley; A Rouse; Reenforcements from Massachusetts, Captain Edward Tyng and Gorham's Rangers; Duvivier replaced by De Gannes; Disappointment and Retreat; French Naval Forces Arrive Late; The Situation, December, 1744.


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