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Book #1: The Lion & The Lily.TOC
Part 2, "The English Takeover: 1690-1712"
Synopses, Chapters 1 to 10

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1 - Introduction (6k):-

2 - The Visit of Intendant de Meules: Port Royal (1685/6) (14k):-
The setting c. 1685: Protestant England & Roman Catholic France; Port Royal and the Rivière Dauphin; A Visit by the Intendant and Bishop; The Significance of de Meulles' Visit: Census of 1686, The de Meulles Map, Justice comes to Port Royal; The Founding of Cobiquid (1689); Fort St. Louis at Chedabucto (Guysborough); The Meneval Report; and Pasquine and de Saccardy.

3 - Phips and the Taking of Port Royal (1690) (9k):-
The Annapolis Valley; Port Royal, a Harbourage to French Privateers; Acadia Pays for the Sins of Quebec; The French Capitulate to the Superior Forces of New England; The Terms of Capitulation - Broken; The Coasts of Acadia Sacked.

4 - French Flag on the St. John: Port Royal a Free Port: 1690-98 (18k):-
Governor Villebon on the St. John; Bonaventure; Col. Edward Tyng; Baptiste; The Condition at Port Royal; The Mysterious "M. Chevalier"; Killing Along the Borders; Jemseg and Beaubassin;Abbé Baudoin; Desperate Situation at Quebec (1692).

5 - Baptiste, The French Privateer & Assaults Overland (27k):-
French Privateers swarm and cover the Sea like Locusts; British Losses; Baptiste; Butchery at Oyster Pond, July 27, 1694; Fort William Henry (February, 1696); Egeremet is Killed; Sea Battle on the Fundy; French Forces Capture Fort William Henry (August, 1696); Benjamin Church at Beaubassin on September, 1696; Peace in the Offing; Death of Villebon (1700); Port Royal Becomes the Capital of Acadia, Once Again.

6 - Dièreville (1700) (16k):-
Dièreville departs La Rochelle, August 20, 1699; At Chebucto with Father Thury's Native Friends; Arrival at Port Royal; Hurricane & the Destruction of Cargo; Description of Port Royal, 1699; Acadian Missions, the Recollects; Dièreville Returns.

7 - The Last Years of French Port Royal: 1700-10: (17k):-
Brouillan to Subercase (1700-10): The Last Years of French Port Royal: The Death of Charles II of Spain (1700) and the result, The War of the Spanish Succession (1702); Acadia as the New Century Begins; Brouillan Arrives at Port Royal; Scandal at Port Royal; Butchery on the New England Frontier; Church's Raids on Acadia, 1704; March's Raids on Acadia, 1707; Morpain, Castin and Saillant; Acadia, Quebec's whipping boy.

8 - Prelude to English Acadia (1709) (13k):-
The Aborted Attempt to take Canada (1709); French "Sea Wolves": Morpain, Castin, and Baptiste; Acadia's Vicarious Atonement; French and English & Their Differing Ruling Constitutions.

9 - The Taking of Port Royal (1710) (21k):-
The Commanders: Nicholson, Hobby, Vetch, Subercase; Queen Anne's Warrant; The Fleet Sets sail; The Landing; Nicholson Detects a Ruse; Subercase and Nicholson Treat with one another; the French Ladies Up the River; the Capitulation; 258 of the French Defenders Sent Home to France, in Style; 450 Englishmen take over Annapolis Royal.

10 - Annapolis Royal -- The First Two Years (1711-12) (25k):-
The French Population of Annapolis, Minas, and Beaubassin in 1710; the French Priests; Mascarene at Minas Basin; the First Winter; the Prospect of Starvation; Hobby and Vetch; Spring, 1711: the First Battle of Bloody Creek (June, 1711); the Walker Expedition; Iroquois in Nova Scotia (1711-12); a Plea for Help; French Gold and English Paper; the Second Winter -- Naked and Without Bedding or Food.


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