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Book #1: The Lion & The Lily.TOC
Part 1, "Early Settlement & Baronial Battles: 1605-90"
Synopses, Chapters 1 to 10

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1 - Introduction (7k):-

The influence of geography, good luck, food and clothing; the scope of the overall work, from Old Acadia to the bloody birth of Nova Scotia as an English colony.

2 - Fish and Furs (14k):

Piscatorial Eldorado; The Fur Trade.

3 - Early European Explorers (23k):

The Greeks, the Irish, the Norsemen, the Portuguese, the English, and the French; fisherman; Cabot (1497); Gómez (1524), Verrazzano (1524), and Cartier (1534); Gilbert, Muscovy Company, Newfoundland; Virginia is "discovered," Sir Walter Raleigh, Sir Richard Grenville, Roanoke Island, Ralph Lane, and Virginia Dare; East India Company; Sir Thomas Smith; Captains Gosnold and Gilbert, Martha's Vineyard, Cuttyhunk Island; Captain Pring (1603) in the Long Island Sound.

4 - The Founding of Port Royal (31k):

A Geographical Description of the Acadian Valley. The people: De Monts, Poutrincourt, Pontgravé, Champlain, Biencourt, L'Escarbot, Rossignol, Champdoré, the Armouchiquois (Massachusetts). The ships: Jonas and Levrette. The places: Port Mouton, St. Mary's Bay, Weymouth, St. Croix River, Mount Desert Island, Penobscot River, Norembega, Saco Bay, Nausett Harbor (theft of a kettle); Move Across the Bay; ordre de bon temps; the first abandonment.

5 - Poutrincourt's Second Settlement (1610-13) (14k):

Membertou; Jesuit missionaries: Biard, Massé and Du Thet; Madame de Guerchervillea; Argall; La Tour on the Penobscot River.

6 - The First Scots in Acadia (13k):

Sir William Alexander; Kirke brothers; Captain Charles Daniel and the French at St. Ann's Bay (Cibou); Treaty of Susa; Claude La Tour & his English Lady; Recollets; Captain Marot; The La Tours, Father and Son Fight at Cape Sable; The Scottish Colony Comes to an End.

7 - The De Razilly at LeHeve (14k):

Fort Sainte-Marie-dee-Grâce and the Settlement at LaHave; The Company of 100 Associates; Razilly-Condonnier Company; The Treaty of St. Germain-en-Laye; Port Rossignol (Liverpool: fishing) and Mirligueche (Lunenburg: lumbering); de Razilly Dies.

8 - The Battling Barons of Acadia (38k):

D'Aulnay takes control; The move from LaHave; La Tour on the St. John; Lady La Tour to the Rescue; The Taking of Fort La Tour (1644); The Denys Brothers; The Capture of Acadia by General Robert Sedgwick (1654); La Giraudiere and Denys; D'Aulnay and the Growth of the First Acadian Community: 1640 to 1650; A Joining of Houses; The Setting at the Close of 1656.

9 - The English (8k):

The three geographical districts of North America; The London Company and The West of England Company; Jamestown (1607); Argall (1613); The Founding of the New England Colonies: Massachusetts (1630), Maryland (1634) and New Hampshire (1635); The Dutch on the Connecticut (1633).

10 - Acadia (1654-1684) (17k):

Groseilliers and Radisson; The Authority of the French Trading Companies Comes to an end; Le Borgne's son Occupies La Have (1658); Tready of Breda; Jemseg; The second Anglo-Dutch War (1664); Tready of Breda (1667), and the handback; Le Borgne and Temple; Grandfontaine; Joibert; Grandfontaine is replaced by De Chambly; Acadia is Sacked by the Dutch Raider, Juriaen Aernouts; Beaubassin; Bergier and the fishermen of Acadia, 1684.


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